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The Legislative Report

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The Legislative Report


The Gazette Staff

As of press time, Texas Governor Rick Perry has continued to slide in national polls, in some cases into the single digits. However, these polls are still very fluid and by the time this reaches our readers, the situation may have swung around.

Mitt Romney cannot seem to get past the 22 to 23 percent levels in any poll. Herman Cain, as of this writing, seemed to survive the feeding frenzy that surrounded the alleged sexual harassment charges. But again, that could be fluid situation and as of press time, no woman involved was identified or had published any statement. Cain not only maintained his lead in some polls, but his fund raising totals actually surged, perhaps a signal of voter sympathy for his circumstances.

Meanwhile, Newt Gingrich, as of this writing, is quietly gaining in the polls and is starting to appear in the low double-digits. Many had written him off after most of his campaign staff quit last summer.

Michelle Bachman is languishing in the single digits after winning the Iowa straw poll in August. Her numbers fell when Rick Perry joined the race, along with her funds and she has not recovered the early momentum she enjoyed when she led Tim Pawlenty early last summer.

Rick Santorum and Jon Huntsman don't seem to have any traction at all. As for Ron Paul – well he is Ron Paul – he'll stay around as long as the debates last and he has some money on hand.

On the Austin political scene, Elizabeth Ames Jones has dropped from the U.S. Senate race to challenge State Senator Jeff Wentworth in Senate District 25. Wentworth is a fellow Republican who has been a target of some conservative groups. Jones said she wants to assure that the district has an aggressive, pro-business advocate to create jobs.

Two longtime members of the Texas Sate Board of Education say they will not be seeking re-election in 2012.

They are Bob Craig (R-Lubbock) and Mary Helen Berlanga (D-Corpus Christi). Berlanga said 30 years on the board was enough, especially in light of the recent ideological battles over the history and science curricula.

Craig, a lawyer, was first elected to the state board in 2002. All 15 board seats will be up in 2012 because the districts were redrawn in the wake of the 2010 census.


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