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A Dash of Pepper

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Bad Karma


The Gazette Staff

There's been rather a lot of bad karma floating around recently.

The most obvious example is the Fisker Karma electric car. It received billions in a green energy subsidy from the department of energy. However, the car is actually being manufactured in Finland of all places. The firm says engineering components are done in the U.S. and the taxpayer dollars are staying here. The car costs a mere $93,000 and analysts are saying it gets just 19 mpg, less than a Ford Explorer SUV, which costs one-third of the price of the Karma.

Apparently, only two of these cars have been sold, to celebrities. Even if I had the cash to buy it, I'm note sure would buy a car called Karma!

More bad karma – Ghaddafi wasn't even buried when the leader of the transitional government announced that the new Libya would be under Shari'a law. This includes polygamy plus a new banking system that doesn't allow charging interest. I'm not sure exactly how these banks would remain in business. Either they are non-profits or they charge some sort of 'fees'. It's looking very likely that zealots, possibly the Muslim Brotherhood, will take over.

This past month, there hasn't been much good Karma on the political scene. Gaffe-prone Joe Biden did it again. He was telling anyone who would listen that Republican refusal to pass Obama's jobs (tax) bill would cause a rise in the rates of rape and murder. I suspect the White House puts Joe out there for sheer entertainment value. It's hard to consider him a serious person.

I'm not sure if it was a moment of good karma or bad karma, but at least Rick Perry managed to get Mitt Romney flustered in the Las Vegas debate. During a shouting match over the hiring of illegals, Romney actually put his hand on Perry's shoulder. For a brief moment, I thought Perry might haul off and sock Romney. He didn't, but if I were a Romney adviser, I'd tell my candidate not to do that again.

Finally, some bad karma for the hapless parents of some Occupy Wall Street protesters. Apparently a rather loopy restauranteur has been feeding the denizens in Zuccotti Park bagels with smoked salmon and cream cheese. When winter arrives and the adult children return to their parents spare bedroom, Mom and Dad will not only be faced with paying the student loan payments for that $70,000 degree in transgender studies, they'll have to cater to a newly-found taste for gourmet bagels and smoked salmon.

On with the revolution!