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How to find your “hidden” spam folder on Etex. Useful when you can’t find a file or email that someone “swears” they sent. ANSWER IS They did and it’s hidden.

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Go to your web browser. In the search box type in etex.net/portal. When the remote access opens, type in your email address and password. Once your email opens you will have access to messages. Over in the left margin box there is a SPAM icon, click on that to secure the messages being held there (wait for them to load). You can clean out the SPAM file by clicking on messages you don't want, or by clicking the "select all" box at the bottom of the page listing. You can review messages you think you want to keep by clicking on the individual message and selecting "move to" and "inbox" at the top of the inbox display. Open the messages (in SPAM) you want to ALLOW, this will put that message in you Inbox, Go there and click on the "allow sender" at the top of the inbox.

Furnished as a public service by the GAZETTE "Constant Contact" weekly free early news and reminder service. Etex chooses to classify all these messages, requested by our readers, as spam and then hide them on all browsers except theirs. The above instructions will permit you to see what you requested. W.C. 903-769-5014