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Pastor David Hicks

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In another Charles Schulz Peanuts cartoon, Lucy says, "Boy do I feel crabby."

Linus responds, "Maybe I can be of help. Why don't you just take my place in front of the TV while I go and fix you a nice snack? Sometimes we need a little pampering to help us feel better." Linus returns with a sandwich, chocolate chip cookies and a glass of milk. He says, "Now is there anything else I can get you? Is there anything else I haven't thought of?"

Lucy took the tray of food and replied, "Yes, there's one thing you haven't thought of." Then she screams, "I don't wanna feel better!"

I wonder if that's the way it is with our sin. Yes, Christ died on the Cross for our sins, but maybe we don't want our sins forgiven. Maybe that's why we have not opened our hearts to receive His forgiveness, love, and grace. How is it with you? Do you want to go on carrying your sins? Or, do you want Christ to be the center of your heart and life? It's up to you!

David Hicks, Pastor

Hawkins First United Methodist Church