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HLR Open B Board Report - July 19, 2011

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The Holly Lake Ranch Association B Board held an open meeting at Holly Hall, 2 p.m. on July 19. Updates on current issues were given and homeowner questions were answered. Board members present were Larry Bowman, Jeanette Sterner, Jim Atchley and Garland Ford.

Jim Atchley opened the meeting and outlined the format that would be used during the meeting. Rob James, General Manager, presided over the meeting. Agenda items addressed follow.

1. Feral Cat Neutering Program. Twenty-nine volunteers trapped 225 cats, neutered them and returned them to the area were they were found. This successful project worked around electricity outages and having to move their operation to another location.

2. Street Sign Program. Volunteers have painted the street signs in Sections 1, 4 and 10. Section 2 is scheduled for completion in July and Section 6 will follow in September.

3. Fireworks. The audience applauded the success of this evening of entertainment and fireworks. The Fishing Club was recognized for providing funds and organization for this event. The HLVFD was thanked for their work and approval of shooting fireworks during the dry weather. Our security department helped park cars.

4. Lakes Project. Algae remains a problem in Greenbriar Lake. We have hired a professional company to rid the lake of algae. So far, they have not accomplished this job. The manager will visit the lake and re-spray this week. The algae not only affects recreational use of the lake but is a problem for golf course irrigation. The golf watering intake system is checked weekly to dispose of algae growth. A trip to observe a machine called "we-do" will determine if that is what we need to remove the dead algae. The algae taken from the lake will be buried.

5. Road Report. Road paving is finished for this year, with $50K left to be used. High asphalt prices and hot weather were reasons to finish as early as possible.

6. Tick Fever. One homeowner was hospitalized with a rare tick disease. We are advised to take seriously over whelming symptoms of fever and lack of energy. Treatment is necessary to combat this disease.

7. Cerebrus Takeover. Several questions concerning the acquisition of Silverleaf by Cerebrus were discussed. Silverleaf remains a stand alone company. It's parent company is now Cerebrus. There is no reason to expect changes in Board structure or other actions from Cerebrus. Bob Mead has retired as president of Silverleaf. Thomas Moore has replaced Bob Mead.Thomas Moore was Vice-President of marketing at Silverleaf. The B Board will try to meet with Mr. Moore as soon as possible.

8. Section 11. The application for approval to develop Section 11 was made to Wood County by Bob Mead. The B Board voted unanimously to approve the subdivision restrictions for Section 11. Currently, the application was been withdrawn.

9. Board Voting Records. A homeowner asked that board member names

be included in the minutes on each vote. Upon review of past minutes

this practice is being followed with the exception of unanimous votes.

10. Weather Service Updates. Wood County provides a telephone warning to its citizens of impending bad weather. If you are not receiving calls from Wood County, call Wood County to get your number included. KLTV will also provide this free service. Instructions for receiving warnings by telephone will be available on the Holly lake Ranch website. The board hasdiscussed a siren warning system that would require at least 4 siren towers. This would be a major expense.

11. Archery Range. The archery range is a Silverleaf amenity that has been removed. There are no current plans by Silverleaf to rebuild the range. The tennis court being built at the site of the archery range is a Silverleaf project and was not paid for with homeowner dues.

12. Swimming Pools. Murky water in the West swimming pool was investigated and found to contain green algae. The pool was closed 4 days during the investigation and subsequent solution. The source of the green algae was a lake swimmer brought the spores to the pool, as they did not shower before entering the pool. Pool attendants are diligently screening and blocking patrons coming directly from the lake.

13. Security Building. Plans for a new security building have not been finalized. Use of space and cost is being carefully studied.

14. Saturday Open B Board Meetings. Board meeting dates are set in January each year by the B Board. The only Saturday meeting in 2011 will be the December 3 Annual Meeting. Future boards will consider this request.

15. Holly Herald. Several suggestions have been received for articles to be included in the Holly Herald. The August 1 edition will incorporate security department reports and lots at HLR that are for sale. These lots are currently owned by HLR or Wood County. Suggestions for Holly Herald input are always welcome.

16. Silverleaf Rental Program. The time-share units are no longer available for rental by Holly Lake homeowners. The time-share manager would like to continue this service but new legislation does not allow collecting monies twice for the same room.

17. Courthouse Documents. Documents of interest to Holly Lake residents

include a document granting mineral rights on HLR to Bob Mead. A second document grants bow hunting rights to Bob Mead on 20 acres adjacent to HLR property where the maintenance department is located.

18. An on-line "Action Request" form is now available for you to request an action, repair, or road maintenance effort, located at the HLR Web page.

19. Concern on quantity of speeding tickets given out. Total so far this year was 83, with 20 of those as warnings only.

20. Concern expressed on the landscaping at the Fore Seasons. This will be taken care of, as we have a maintenance man assigned to this task.

The meeting which was well attended, was adjourned.