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Pastor David Hicks

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There's an old story about a Chinese gentleman who lived on the border of China and Mongolia. In those days, there was constant conflict along the perimeter. The Chinese man had a beautiful horse, a mare, who one day leaped over the fence, raced down the road, crossed the border, and was captured by the Mongolians. His friends came to comfort him. "That's bad news," they said sadly. "What makes you think it's bad news?" asked the Chinaman. "Maybe it's good news." A few days later the mare came bolting into his corral, bringing with it a snow white stallion. His friends crowded around him. "That's good news!" they cried.

"What makes you think it's good news?" he asked. "Maybe it's bad news." Later that week his son was riding the stallion, trying to break it. He was thrown off and he broke his leg. The friends came. "That's bad news," they cried. "What makes you think it's bad news?" asked the Chinese gentleman. "Maybe it's good news." The next week, war broke out with Mongolia, and a Chinese general came through town drafting all the young men. He took them all and they were later killed, except for the young man who couldn't go because his leg was broken.

The Chinaman said to his friend's, "You see, the things you thought were bad turned out good, and the things you thought were good turned out bad." That's what we face in life. We can't always know if the news is really bad or good. We must trust the Lord to work all things together for our benefit. David Hicks, Pastor First United Methodist Church