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Inky & John The Saga Continues

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The Trip Begins

N.A.S.A., here we come! We are finally on our way! We put our second row of car seats down so the mob would have plenty of room to move around. Inky is up front in Libby's lap with his nose glued to the side window. Going anywhere with the mob is, as I mentioned, always an experience. Long trips, however, are different in that the pups seem to know that the trip will last for a much longer time, so they adjust and spend most of their time either playing, sleeping, or looking out the windows of the Jeep at the passing scenery. Inky prefers to be up front so that he can ask questions - - and he has quite a few.

"John, when will we visit N.A.S.A.? I'm very anxious to learn more about their programs and the different animals that have gone into space." That's my little pal, Inky. Patience is NOT his middle name.

"Inky, we are going to Galveston tonight, because Libby and I are having dinner with some friends. Tomorrow we will go to the Johnson Space Center and all your questions will be answered. There are lots of displays to go through, films to see, and the pictures directly from the Space Station. They also have a display showing how the Space Station will look when finished."

I could see that something had caught his attention. "What is a Space Station, John?" "Well, Inky, it's like a big house that the astronauts are building up in space. Whenever a shuttle goes up there, it takes more parts so that they can build more of the station. There are already men living there, and some day there will be many more. We may even be able to launch ships into deep space from the Space Station. How would you like to go to Mars someday?"

Inky thought about that for a while, then said "I'm not sure I would want to be away from you and Libby for that long." I laughed and said "Inky, you ALWAYS make my day!"

We reached Galveston in the early afternoon. As soon as we were registered into our motel, we took the mob down to the beach for a long walk. Pancho and Inky were aggressive as always, wanting to chase every sand crab, investigate every piece of driftwood, and tackle every wave, while the two ladies, Spots and Robbie, were a little more cautious. We all had a great time, though. Texas beaches are still the best. When we returned to the room, everyone had to take a bath. Libby and I got ready and went to meet our friends for dinner. Hardly a head rose up to greet us when we returned. Libby and I settled down to watch TV for a while.

Inky woke up, came over and hopped into my lap. "John, tomorrow is a big day for me. There is so much to learn, so much to try to understand. Do you think I will be up to it?"

I had to smile. "Inky, if you don't understand everything, you won't be alone. Outer space is a new frontier. That means there is a lot more we don't know than things we do know. We are all in a learning mode. Perhaps we can learn together, Inky, and in doing so, maybe someday we'll understand life itself better." Inky gave me a big nose kiss and went back to sleep.

Coming up - - The Johnson Space Center!