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Wilson Reports (Sample of weekly emails)

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"Wilson Reports"

(a part of free "Early news" email-see below more info) New Section 11 on Ranch "update":

From a reliable source I learned recently that because of the events of December, 2005, the approx. 5.7 acres near the Lake Greenbriar Dam and the spillway will be brought into the Homeowner's platted area as 5 new homesite lots. The owner of the land in question, Developer Robert Mead, already has the HLR Board's approval of the platting and only lacks Wood County's approval. At some point these new lots will pay dues and if sold will pay the $2,500 fee to us as Homeowners.

Annette and I, as a business matter, had dinner last Fri. evening at Pine Mills Catfish and the place was hopping. We saw several people we knew (John Loven) and enjoyed our meal. ($26 total with tip) I always have the feeling that "Bonnie and Clyde" could walk in at any time, due to the decor of the 1930's that prevails there. 

The Gazette List is growing rapidly and the new paper coming next week will have have all of the new listings, which are approaching 150 businesses. The next Front Page will proclaim the miracle of Easter and the page A 2 feature will be Donald Trump's stirring of the "Birther" controversy in his bid to be a 2012 Presidential contender. Don't miss this issue of the Gazette. W.C.

The above information is a part of the Regular Weekly Email that goes out every Sunday to those who have entered their email on the Gazette site. It is a free service and quite easy to sign up for. Our goal is to have 3,000 on this list. In addition to the early news the message has reminders covering the next week to 10 days of local activities.

It is a good thing to have this "free service" coming your way every week. Simply go to www.hlrgazette.com and type in your email in the box provided. It will automatecally be added to the list of those receiving the weekly messages. If you have questions call me and I will discuss them with you.

903-769-5014 Wilson Crabtree, publisher.

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