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Hawkins Sales Tax returns: April

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Hawkins Sales Tax returns: April Sales tax up 10 percent; Year-to-date up 11 percent


Sales tax returns for the City of Hawkins in April 2011 saw an increase of 10.2 percent for the month compared with April 2010. Five of the six of the county's municipalities had positive returns in March compared with the same month a year ago. Collections from businesses in the unincorporated areas of the county also showed improvement.

The sales tax funds are collected by local merchants, sent to the Texas Comptroller along with the state's six and-a-quarter cents tax on each dollar of retail purchase. Hawkins' local portion—one-and-one-half cents/dollar—is then returned two months later (February retailer collections returned in April). Merchants in the unincorporated county areas collect a half-cent sales tax on each dollar sale with the local portion going into the county's general fund.

April's receipts of $17,495.80 for the City of Hawkins are distributed to the two budgets supported by the sales tax, with approximately $11,663.66 deposited into the city's general fund and the remaining $5,831.33, representing a half-cent sales tax, into the Hawkins Community Development Corporation budget.

Comparative figures for sales tax returns for the month of April (as collected in February) for each city and the county follow with commentary furnished by Gary McKinley, executive director of the Wood County Industrial Commission: