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"Birther" Facts List

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"Birther" Facts to be aware of

Fact: In order to be a valid candidate for U.S. President one must be born in America (native born)  

Fact: The "drop dead" proof of an American Birth Location is a valid American Birth Certificate.

Fact: In our Nation's history (before the 2008 election of Obama) no sitting President has ever been challenged on the basis of his birth location so we have no history for guidance in this area.

Fact: Since the Obama election there has been a "wave" of controversy w/ questions, assertions and claims that this sitting President was not born in America and thus not validly elected to this office. No remedy has been suggested.

Fact: Donald Trump, no nut job, is the 1st. credible possible candidate to give "birthing" the light of day.

Fact: In reaction to the challenge, Obama has released a "Certificate of live birth"from the State of Hawaii showing that he was born there and the "mainstream media" has not called him down on it, butTrump has!

Fact: Donald Trump has asserted on several occasions that a "Certificate of live birth" does in no way deal with the issue, even further asserting that in several states they can't even be used to get a driver's license.

Fact: In a recent CNN interview with Mr. Trump (Sun. 4-10-11), Candy Crowley, was rebuffed frequently by Trump when she attempted to use the "Certificate of live birth" as an answer to Obama's suggested problem. Trump further asserted that even the Obama birth hospital in Hawaii is not known. He said, "if it was, one could go there and see the time of birth etc. and many other details surrounding the birth".

Fact: Donald Trump continued to pose this question throughout the CNN interview: "Why doesn't the President just show us his Birth Certificate and put this issue to bed"?Trump's assertion is that a "Certificate of live birth" is not a valid substitute for a Birth Certificate!

Fact: Trump also said several times during CNN interview (see above) that he truly hoped that President Obama could produce a valid American Birth Certificate.