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Inky & John The Saga Continues

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Inky & John The Saga Continues

Jealousy Rears Its Ugly Head

Inky is always a very happy, animated, (and certainly outspoken) little pup. He wakes up in the mornings happy and goes to bed at night happy. Having said that, I don't think anything I've seen could match his glorious mood the last few days. Since Robbie and he have made their commitment to each other, his happiness knows no bounds. Robbie is also happy, but a little more reserved and ladylike. All this could not be more evident when the mob danced into the den this morning just after breakfast. Inky hopped up on my lap and proceeded to give me nose kisses by the dozen. I said "Hold on, partner, what's all the fuss? This isn't going to cost me anything, is it? My budget is already waving a white flag."

"No, John, we are just very happy. We are going out into the back yard to smell the little roses (referring to Mom's Miniature Rose garden)." Off they went toward the back door. How wonderful is young love? I'm sitting in the middle of all this tranquility and adoration and I'm thinking "What could possibly go wrong?" All of a sudden, out of the blue, there is a bark, then a loud, ugly growl, - - and it sounded JUST LIKE INKY!

"What's going on out here?" I asked, when I reached the back yard. There was Inky, standing with his back to Robbie, facing Pancho. Inky's hair was standing up all over his back. Pancho was just bewildered by it all. After all, he and Inky were friends for a long time. Again, I asked, "WHAT'S GOING ON?" Inky turned and faced me. His worst evil eye ever was staring straight at me. "I CAUGHT PANCHO RUBBING UP AGAINST ROBBIE AT THE WATER BOWL!"

I'm dumbfounded. Dogs being jealous? But then I realized that they were indeed, some of the most jealous and possessive animals in the world. What could I do? Well, one thing is sure - - I have to say something. "Now, Inky, you know that he didn't mean anything by it! Pancho loves you. You're his hero, you know that." Inky's hair slowly started to lie down on his back. "Look at Pancho, Inky, he doesn't even know what you're angry about. Now, I want you to apologize to Pancho right now. Go on, go over to him and tell him you're sorry!" Inky turned around, put his head down, and began to grumble some dog talk to Pancho. Pancho wagged his tale, came over to Inky and gave him a nose kiss. I told them I thought it would be best if we all went in for a snack.

What's next?

Marriage counseling?