“Wilson Reports”


"Wilson Reports"


, in a phone call, said County Judge Jeanes was rushed to ER Wed. afternoon but by Fri. 10am at Commissioners Court, he was fine and opened their meeting. Sparks used the "public comment" segment to ask the Judge about his health. The Judge said, in response, it was a blood sugar situation and he was fine. The court session cont'd. Annette

and I, in a news gathering process, had dinner at what was called The Salt Lick Steak House, but as the sign out front said is now called "Two Gringos" and the sign also said new menu w/ lower prices.We were seated (our 1st visit here) in a large room mostly filled with diners (recognized one lady from The Ranch) and wait staff. The menu presented had the new name and was obviously new, but we had never seen the previous menu. It included several "TexMex" selections but Annette ordered shrimp (8 either fried or grilled) and she requested 4 fried and 4 grilled. $9.95 + $1.65 for tea. Price included a salad. She loved her meal.

I ordered a "burger deal which was attractively priced at $5.00 that included handcut fries and tea in the price. The burger said 1/4 lb. but seemed larger. Excellent and I confirmed with staff that it had been cooked over "real wood". Over all a great experience and we highly recomend both menu choices.


night we attended our 2nd Live Jazz session at the Fairhaven Winery, owned by R.L. Winters and once again had a great time. We had some "tasting chips" from the 1st Jazz visit several weeks before. We saw two couples from The Ranch that we visited with and we walked out with a bottle of R.L.'s fine wine. A great Saturday night experience. Watch the Winery schedule in the Gazette or better yet go to our web site and click on SEARCH where the winery is the sponsor. Click on their banner for the Jazz night schedule. W.C.