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Wood County Commissioners Court

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Meeting in regular session Friday, March 18, Wood County Commissioners, with everyone present,had no public comments offered and approved 3 personnel actions including the hiring of a temp. @ $9/hour in election office, a promotion of Joe Don Baker to Jailer Sgt. @ $15.87/hr replacing the prev. Sgt. who was discharged. They then approved a 2 week payroll of $280,645.25.
There were no line item transfers or Budget admentments. They approved health claims of $39,411.98, and accounts payable of $370,744.53.
They approved Mineola's reappointment of Ladd Thompsom to the WCIC board.
They approved a minimum bid offer from Trinidad Benham Corp. for the Tax Sale Struck off properties, cause #T-3005. The min. bid was $2,000 for the property which puts it back on the tax roles.
They approved constable reports from all 4 pcts.
They approved an election services contract & interlocal agreement for the May 2011 Elections with Winnsboro, Mineola & Quitman ISD & gave the Judge a blanket authority for future in this election.
They approved a copier/scanner contract for County Emer.Mgt.office so that they could scan files to send instead of faxing them as done b4.
They approved a Cooperative Agreement for Community Service Restitution between County Community Supervision and the Corrections and other county departments.
The commissioners approved an interlocal agreement with Winnsboro ISD for Street Repairs and materials through 3-31-12.
Item #13 on Agenda brought Tres. Buford to podium where she presented 4 Treasurer's reports from Oct. 2010 through Feb. 2011, which brings her office up to date with the reporting laws. She pronounced the in good standing and at a peak in cash due to recent tax payment period. She said that the reports would be on the website.
They then approved agenda #14 concerning the sale of 3 items of surplus materials by Bartley's Auction on HWY 19 foe Pct. 1 and Sheriff's office.
#15. They then approved a NE Texas Public Health District Updated Isolation & Quarantine SOG.
They approved an interlocal agreement between the jail and the NE Texas Public health District for servicing the Jail.
They tabled #17 and approved #18 concerning the 30 day length of stay at all 4 County lakes.
They approved #19 and accepted a giant check (photo below) for $333,600 from a Step Grant Application which will be passed onto Sharon Water Supply for improvements to their system.
The next regular meeting of the Wood County Commissioners Court will be Friday, March 18, 2011 at 10 a.m. A special meeting of the court can be called with 72-hour public notice.