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Inky & John The Saga Continues

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Romance Is In The Air
It's SPRING! Everywhere I look, I see the evidence of this. Flowers blooming, grass growing, and the whole world seems to be solid green. People are announcing engagements and planning weddings - - AND INKY IS IN LOVE!
The object of his affections is the newest member of the Inky mob, the beautiful, young Robbie. Inky follows her everywhere and has given her his most prized possession, his bed. So, when they all came trotting into the den, Inky hopped up in my lap and gave me a big nose kiss, I said,
"So, my little buddy, you haven't forgotten me after all, have you?"
He nose kissed me again and answered, "Of course not! Would I forget my best friend?" I'm being conned and I know it, I just don't know why, but I'm sure I'll find out. "OK, pal, what is it this time? Want another bed? Maybe I could swing it if we keep the price down." "No, No, John, this is very special. Robbie and I want to get married, and, since you are our master, we want you to perform the ceremony."
Living with Inky and the mob has never been dull, but this one takes the cake. I thought, What can I say? I'm married, so he knows there is nothing wrong with marriage. I had to think quickly. "Inky, my pal, I'm kind of at a loss for words. Have the two of you talked this over? I know you're different, but this is completely out of the park, even for you. Tell me all about it." Inky focused his one good eye on me and said "We have discussed this fully and have decided that it is what we want. Pancho will be my best man and Spots has agreed to be the bridesmaid. We will have the ceremony in the living room and then a reception in the kitchen. Canned food will be necessary, and some cut up slices of cheese would be nice."
"Boy, you have really got this down, don't you? Where did you learn all of this?"
Inky gave me a big, toothy grin and said, "Libby watches the ‘Bride and Groom' program on TV."
"Hmmmm, sounds like I need to talk to her about this. When were you planning this wedding, anyway?"
Inky thought a couple of seconds, then said "Well, I wanted it to be right now, but the rest of the mob said that June would be better. Maybe Libby could make a little bride's veil for Robbie."
"OK, I'll bring this to her attention right away and then report back to you as soon as I know what she says." That seemed to please him and he jumped down to translate all I'd said to the others. Then the mob trotted off in the direction of the kitchen, probably for a late lunch.
I can just hear Libby when I tell her about this one.