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Inky & John The Saga Continues

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Getting Into Shape?
"I'M OVERWEIGHT? I'm overweight?" "John, have you looked in the mirror lately? Try turning sideways and take a look! Portly doesn't even come close! Overweight, indeed! I can outrun you anytime."
"OK, Ok pal let's not get personal. All I wanted to point out is that BOTH OF US could use some exercise, and I think we should get started right now. Go get your harness and we'll be out of here."
With that he turned around and headed for the back bedroom where he kept all of his things. He returned in a moment with his harness and asked "Pancho and Spots are going with us, aren't they?"
"I guess so. Go tell them to bring their harnesses."
Once we were outside, we headed for the front gate, "I think that will be enough for us today." I said.
Inky looked up at me and said "How far is it to the front gate, John?"
"It's about one quarter of a mile, little pal. That means that down and back will be one half mile. Coming back is all uphill, so it should be a good exercise for the first day. We'll try to increase it every day until we get it up to one mile."
Inky walked silently for a while, then he spoke up "John, how far is that in doggy steps?"
"Well, it's probably somewhere around three thousand, Inky, why do you ask?"
"I was just curious. Really, I wanted to put it in numbers I could understand."
"You have four legs and I only have two. Besides that, I'm older. I'll race you back to the house!"
Inky took off and I was right behind him. We arrived back at the house by way of the rose garden, which is my lovely wife's pride and joy. Then we proceeded into the house and everyone needed a drink of water. Inky and his mob went into the kitchen, while Libby and I headed for our favorite chairs. We barely got there when the mob came back in the room. Inky hopped up in my lap and gave me a nose kiss. "John, how about taking a walk every day?"
"That sounds like a very good idea. Perhaps Libby will go with us. She could use a little exercise" Libby hit me on the head with her magazine.
Inky laughed and gave me another nose kiss, then hopped down and they all headed for the kitchen for a snack.
We're not ready for aerobics, but we're trying.