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Holly Lake Effect

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What we need in this country today...right now...is:
Less talking in public and private about how second class we are or are becoming as a nation and how far ahead of us the Chinese are
More and better cosmetics for the falling apart years
Less personal chitchat stuff about the medical experiences and hospital practices, diets, exercise, weight reduction regimens, etc. of people we know or have heard of
Less appreciative awe for second rate entertainers on TV
Less approval for the performance of sports figures and comedians turned news commentators
More determination to turn off news programs in which two or more people are arguing so loudly that none of them can be heard
Reduction of comments indicating belief that owning a kindle is superior to owning a book
More critical thinking, especially in the realm of TV ads portraying silly people selling knives and car insurance, silly people walking, silly people sitting, etc., etc.
A decrease in enthusiasm for the theory that when two or more are gathered together they must eat
More confidence that everything you pay for will work.
Less certainty that everything you pay for will break down just after the warranty expiration date.
Less belief in that turning your lights off at the first hint of dark, turning your thermostat down to 40 degrees and closing off all your room vents will reduce your electric bill
More skepticism about practically everything, especially if you've seen it on TV
Increased belief in some of the old proverbs-"one good turn deserves another"... "a penny saved is a step toward financial independence"..."a dollar won at the casino gives you immediate bragging rights"
Understanding that when you know you hold opinions contrary to 98 percent of your neighbors, it's smart to talk about the weather and a restaurant you particularly like
Less skepticism about things like battery operated cars, solar energy, the chances of winning a million from publisher's clearinghouse, politics, travel to Mexico
More belief that at least one of your kids or the kids of somebody you know will grow up to be president (of something)
Less concern about whether all pieces of your wardrobe-including shoes and socks- match and are designer-labelled
A more tolerant (but not too tolerant) attitude toward tattoos, the cleavage being shown by female newscasters, spiked hair, email humor
More confidence that we are doing a lot of things right and that America is still the greatest country
More hats.