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Inky & John The Saga Continues

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Home At Last
East Texas is a beautiful place, especially central Cherokee county where we live. Located on the side of a small mountain, overlooking a little valley and a spring fed creek, forests of pine trees all around, it is an inspiring place to live. Of course, I'm a Texan, so I would feel that way. I love California, but not enough to live there. Folks from other states would not understand but, when I say I'm a Texan, I'm not making a statement about where I'm from, I'm telling you who I am, so I certainly don't want to live in California. But I'm not sure about Inky.
We were happy to be home. Libby and I were relaxing and enjoying our first free weekend since returning from vacation. I was leaning back in my chair resting my eyes (she said I was sleeping) when the Inky mob comes into the room. Inky jumped up in my lap and gave me a nose kiss.
"John! We need to talk. This is very important!" I thought "Oh, boy! What has he come up with this time?"
"Do we have to do this now? I was just going to rest my eyes for a while." I looked at Inky, then down at Pancho and Spots. They were dancing all over the floor. "OK, little pal, go ahead, but try to keep it short."
Inky fixed me with his evil eye. "WE WANT TO MOVE TO CALIFORNIA!"
I was stunned, to say the least, and totally at a loss for an answer. "Where is this coming from, Inky? Do you know what you're saying? Do you mean you want to leave us?" He jumped up and put his little paws on my shoulders and said "Oh, no! We want Libby and you to come with us! We have it all planned. We'll ask Bill to take all of us in for a few weeks, then we'll contact Mr. Weatherwax and ask him if he could take the three of us on as trainees. We'll ask Jennifer to introduce us to some producers and Bill could help with that, too. How does that sound?"
I thought about what I could say. A Pekinese has a lot of pride and his ego is easily bruised. This is not going to be easy. "It sounds wonderful, little pal, and you must know by now how much we love you and all the rest of the gang. We have dreams, too, but Inky, sometimes dreams just won't come true. Do you have any idea how many people have taken their dogs, most of whom were very talented, to Hollywood, only to find that there was just no chance? Too many trained movie dogs already there and no demand for any more. And, Inky - - Libby and I couldn't go. We're too old to start a new life. Even so, if I thought there was a chance, I'd let you go. We would miss you, but we'd do it."
Inky thought for a while, then spoke. "I really did want to be famous, but I could never leave you."
"Little pal, I'll always be there for you. And there will be a lot of opportunities for you to be famous. Your only problem will be picking the right one."
Inky snuggled down in my lap and said: "Well, I hope you're right. Anyway, it can't come too soon for me"
I smiled. "I'm going to remind you of that remark - - After you've become famous."