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Homer Staggs honored for 50 yrs service

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Homer Staggs honored for 50 yrs service
Chem-Aqua, an industrial water treatment company, based in Irving, Texas would like to recognize the tremendous contribution of Holly Lake citizen, Homer Staggs. Homer began his career with Chem-Aqua's parent company NCH in the purchasing and manufacturing area in 1961. It didn't take him long to rise in the company as his responsibilities grew while he worked in administration, marketing and training. Homer was so successful that the company sent him around the globe to share his talents in far away places like Australia and Africa. Through the years, Homer's greatest legacy has been his talent for sales training. His remains the template for all sales training at NCH to this day.
Homer began working with Chem-Aqua in 1991 when it was a brand new company within NCH. His expertise in training helped the fledgling company become what it is today, a world wide organization in over 33 countries around the globe. His contributions before his retirement in 1997 are immeasurable. Over 300 sales representatives that produce nearly $220 million dollars in sales each year owe at least a portion of their success to Homer. Because of the invaluable role he plays, Homer is often referred to as the "Godfather of Chem-Aqua".
Although officially retired, Homer's contributions to Chem-Aqua have not ended. He continues to provide training for Chem-Aqua as a consultant. At least one week each month, you will find him helping new representatives hone their sales skills.
Chem-Aqua will never be able to repay him for the great gift he provides, but would like to recognize both him and his wife Linda for their fifty years of dedicated service to Chem-Aqua, Inc. and NCH Corporation.
"Homer is an Avid runner. Holly lake residents may recognize him on his runs around the ranch wearing his trademark flag shorts and bandana."