A Texas Two Step

I still love the $19.95 commercials!
The Gazette Staff
They appear on TV with amazing frequency. I'm talking about those ads which I call the "$19.95" commercials, although the prices vary a little. Some of the products are wacky although others seem at least somewhat useful.
Among the rather quirky products, my top-of-the-list favorite is the RoboStir. This device apparently can be put into a pot or pan of liquid, such as a sauce or stew and via its "orbital gyroscopic action" it will stir the mixture for you while you attend to other tasks. Every time I see the commercial, I can't help but laugh. I imagine the RoboStir, as soon as I turn my back, jumping out of the pot and onto the counter then chasing me around the kitchen!
Another favorite is the GyroBowl. It's a plastic bowl within a bowl that purports to be spill-proof and therefore child proof. Outside of infants, most kids don't actually spill their bowl of snacks. In my, albeit limited, experience they just grab a handful of the Cheerios and throw them on the floor! But it looks like a fun product. Kids would probably get a kick out of it.
Another of these ads features a pillow that can be twisted in almost any shape for any need. This falls into that useful category. The pillow can twisted to support your back while sitting, or your neck while sleeping. You can use it in the car or on an aircraft. I'm thinking about it, since my lower back acts up sometimes.
I have to confess, I did buy the UGlu. My laundry room needs new curtains. I bought enough fabric to fit the odd-size windows but I don't have the patience to sew hems. The U-Glu strips work quite well on fabric. They also come in handy to keep runners and throw rugs from slipping on a hard surface. In fact, the UGlu has a lot of uses and I'll be ordering some more soon.
The Chef Basket seems like a good idea for anyone who does a lot of cooking in a large household, although I have never found that making pasta is very problematic.
I wonder if there is a building somewhere in the nation filled with people who sit around pondering the next $19.95 product. Surely there must be!
I still can't shake that image of being chased around my kitchen by a malevolent RoboStir!