Editorial (on The Country Mailer Pub)

The local publication known as The Country Mailer is an awesome operation providing low cost and efficient advertising to hundreds of small and large business all over Wood and surrounding counties. They are also a formidable competitor for this newspaper and they regularily "kick my butt" with the vast number of advertising customers that they serve.
The only thing that they don't have is an index by category of services offered and the result of that deficiency is that it takes too long to find what you are looking for in the Mailer.
People have been telling them that for years, myself included, and finally, with this Gazette issue, on page A 6, The Gazette will publish a Mailer Category Index. We will be doing this as a public service to the community and this index will be free to the Gazette reader. The Unique Category Names and the Index Layout is original and is being claimed as such by the Gazette. However, we are willing to sell this piece of Intellectual Property to RTV at a fair price or merely just continue to publish it as a free public service to the community.
The index will benefit RTV and its advertisers in every way, causing absolutely no damage to either. W.C.
Rotarians: President Sven Sterner is recovering at Trinity Mother Francis Hospital. His triple bypass surgery was successful. There are some problems related to recuperating from two surgeries (shoulder) within days. Jeanette is busy with the back and forth from HLR. Sven will be doing a double rehab at some point in the near future. JOHN SPARKS