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The U.S. dollar hit its low early in Dec. and began to rally. As I write this (Tues. 1-26-10 at 8:30 AM) it has reached 5 month highs vs. the Euro that were last seen in mid August 2009.
One would never know this from listening to the barrage of Gold Ads running in our media. The rally comes as the prospect of possible Fed tighting of interest rates as our economy feebly begins to firm. The stronger dollar will most likely hurt the stock market, however, as many large U.S. Stocks can sell more products overseas with a weak dollar. Do you like a strong or weak dollar? W.C.
FLASH: 1:00pm Tues. Deer vote by A/B Board. "A" Board & Atchley vote to stop immediate deer removal. Will watch effects of strict enforcement of "no feeding fine" and the off Ranch hunting in 2010 for possible good results. If none, then all agree to move forward with possible trap and process plan later in 2010. W.C.
Last Updated on Saturday, 30 January 2010 00:20