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How did you feel when you heard that the young Muslim terrorist from Nigeria "lawyered up" and pleaded not guilty in a US court? What about when the planner of 911 and a recent resident of Gitmo was scheduled for trial in New York City? What about Miranda warnings and all of those other things that are afforded to our citizens being put into play in wartime with our enemies?
There is no issue that puts our new young president in more jeoparody than this one does. The reason that this is dangerous for his presidency is the reduced protection it offers all of us and the potential damage down the road to his political reputation. My prediction is that he will start to back away as he sees the damage that will be done and will also cease "real" efforts to close Gitmo. W.C.
Phil's Fore Season's Restaurant appears to be a hit, at least with me. Love that "Wedge" and Phil even told how to make the dressing, but swore me to silence, at least in the Gazette. W.C.
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