A Dash of Pepper

I loved the Copenhagen climate conference. It fulfilled all my fondest hopes.
The usual slew of nasty demonstrators funded by ANSWER showed up and got into it with the riot police.
The audience shots were also interesting. They reminded me of the scene in "Blazing Saddles" where Slim Pickens goes looking for scoundrels, villains, thugs and charlatans. Speaking of thugs, the Venezuelan dictator showed up, apparently uninvited, and talked about ghosts - the ghost of capitalism in particular. Meanwhile, Venezuela, a country rich in natural resources, which once had a thriving middle class, is going down the tubes.
The headliners used up a lot of their carbon credits flying to Denmark in private jets. Most delegates used gas-guzzling limos in the Danish capitol.
Then the worst blizzard in decades hit right around the time Al Gore arrived. God has a wonderful sense of humor. Al Gore's Tennessee mansion has one of the highest residential electricity bills in the state. But the guy who refused to sign the Kyoto Treaty, George Bush, has a Texas ranch that was built using the latest systems to recycle and conserve energy and water!
I saw a precious moment on an internet video. Al Gore was being escorted down a corridor by British Prime Minister Gordon Brown. They were chatting and took a turn through a doorway. Turns out, it was a closet and the two emerged seconds later somewhat abashed.
Gore had warned that the Arctic polar ice caps would begin melting in the summer of 2014. (Catastrophe!) Some English luminary, Prince Charles, I believe, said we had just seven years to save the planet. (Apocalypse!)
Back to Copenhagen. Third world leaders got miffed and walked out when it looked like they weren't gonna get the moola they'd been promised.
India and China basically said, "H- no, no deal!" When the president of the U.S. finally arrived, he apparently had trouble getting the Chinese to sit down and chat. It seems the Chinese are teed off about our level of spending. It's really rich when the communists can lecture us about fiscal sanity, but that's the world we live in.
The big meeting ended with an agreement to have another big meeting. The next one will be in Mexico City and that will likely end in an agreement that will send the rest of our manufacturing jobs to Mexico. Our corporate tax rate is higher than that of Japan and most European countries. No wonder our corporate leaders quickly figured out they were better off moving some operations to Shanghai! Now we're fixin' to make things worse via a disastrous cap and trade bill.
So, who profited from the Copenhoaxin showdown? The tradesmen, hotel keepers and bistros of Copenhagen, God bless them one and all! Capitalism prevails - at least for a while.