Mr. President, Target the Terrorist!!!

Searching grandmothers, taking off millions of pairs of shoes, confiscating tens of millions of bottles of shampoo, lotions and toothpaste... all of this to not offend someone like Ziad Jarrah Abdulmutallab, of Lebanan, whose father and uncle had both warned our Embassy in Nigeria that he had adopted dangerous Islamic Views. He kept his visa and there was no action on his intention to enter this country. What if his device had gone off as intended, in his seat #19, right above the wing fuel tanks on Christmas Day over Detroit? How many would have been killed to avoid a PC offense? Why wasn't he searched before boarding the Amsterdam flight to Detroit ? We must ignore PC and start "profiling". It is a totally logical process! W.C.
"The Terrorists are still getting on planes, no doubt laughing at all of the contorted security rituals other passengers must endure". This is a direct quote from a Dallas Morning News Editorial appearing in Monday's 12-29-09 newspaper.