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A Texas Two Step

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Time to consult the spirits?
The Gazette Staff
I thought the pre-election period was crazy, but, post-election seems just as crazy. What kind of bubble does Nancy Pelosi live in? Republicans had taken 60-plus seats in the House and she holds a "celebration" to celebrate the legislation the nation had just repudiated!
I guess it won't come home to her until the air force guys show up and pick up the keys to that big jet she's been using. I don't suppose she'll put herself through the full body pat down we have to endure when flying commercial. I imagine some wealthy supporter will show up to pay the fee for private charters and save Nancy from the dreaded full body scan.
Another crazy report involved grief counseling for losers. It seems someone, post-election, decided that staffers for outgoing members of Congress would need grief counseling to cope with their changed circumstances. Now losing a job is serious, losing one's office and perks, well, not quite so serious. But am I alone in believing the grief counselors, if they be hired at all, should be called on in the face of a personal tragedy, death of a loved one, for example, or when a terrible disaster strikes - for example - when that Alabama town was crushed by a Cat 5 tornado. But for a lost job? Good grief kiddies, it might be better to get out there with a resume!
I guess nothing qualifies as crazy in a week when someone at an auction paid $1,700 for a pair of Bernie Madoff's boxer shorts. (New and unused, I should add.)
Finally, very early on the morning of the election, I was messing around on my computer, with the news channel on low volume. A strange commercial surfaced. It was for psychics - as in consulting a psychic. A soft female voice spoke of difficult times and worries one might have and how a psychic could help one find some answers.
Almost simultaneously, an ad popped up on the web site I was on for a board game called Uija, urging me to "consult the spirits." The weather outside was stormy. Thunder struck and the power went off. I sat in the dark with my dog and wondered if some force somewhere was trying to tell me something.
The storm passed, the lights came on and the dog and I enjoyed a hot biscuit with sausage gravy. Simple pleasures are the best. Elections? They come and go. Sausage and biscuits are forever.