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Editorial on Page 1

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Obama vows to destroy alQaeda cell in Yemen!

Over the "mail cargo bombs" and this time he really, really, really, means it! He knew that Yemen influence was behind the Fort Hood shootings, the Detroit Christmas Bomber and the would be Times Square Bomber, but took no action at the time. Instead he decided to speak out publicly in favor of building a new Mosque near ground zero in New York City, which gave Yeman a clear signal that it was ok to continue their attack attempts on our country. The Islamic "Battle Plan" is to use the massive oil revenues we are sending them and our freedoms to build Mosques in this country where "peaceful Muslims" can be converted to radicals by Wahhabi clerics such as the American-born and -educated Anwar al-Awlaki, who is hiding today in Yemen. Read the story below of how it's being done, if you doubt me! I am not one who thinks Obama is intentionally weakening our country but that is the result of his political correctness policies & naivete. He is literally playing into their plan! These Editorial comments were written over the weekend & on Monday, prior to our national elections on Tuesday, 11-2-10. The dramatic headline is directly from the Politics Daily internet story. W.C.

Last Updated on Friday, 05 November 2010 16:02