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Inky & John The Saga Continues

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Grand Canyon
We spent the night in Flagstaff, Arizona. The Inky mob insisted on playing in the snow until it was dark. When they finally came in for the night, they were really tired, but not too tired to ask questions.
"John, this has been a really fun day! First, the Indians, then all this snow, has made it one of the best days of my life!"
"Music to my ears, Inky, my pal. Tomorrow is going to be even better."
He jumped up in my lap and gave me a nose kiss while Spots and Pancho took their places next to Mom. "Where are we going, John?"
"Well, it's kind of a surprise, so I think I'll let that wait until tomorrow."
He finally got into his bed and we all drifted off to sleep.
The next morning, after breakfast and a long walk, we loaded into the Jeep and headed north to Grand Canyon. When we arrived, we paid our visitor fee and found parking just a short walk from one of the observation areas. Before we left the car, we put harnesses on the pups just to be on the safe side. As we walked, I could tell they sensed something was up ahead, but they didn't know what it was. When we finally reached the viewing area I asked Mom to hold the other two and I picked each one of the pups up and held them so that they could see down into the canyon.
"WOW, John! What is that?"
"That, my little pal, is the Grand Canyon. It is over 6000 feet down to the river. It is a geological wonder, and is one of our national treasures. The layers of color in the rocks and cliffs change with the movement of the sun." Inky asked that they all be picked up again so that they could see and you could tell that they were very excited.
After an hour or so, Mom suggested we walk down toward Bright Angel Lodge, where we planned to have lunch. We got our food to go and sat down at one of the many picnic tables there. After lunch, Inky hopped up beside me and told me he and Pancho needed to take a walk. Mom said that was a good idea, and she promptly headed in the direction of the lodge. I took the mob over into the woods so they could commune with nature, then we headed back to the picnic table. On the way, Inky said that Pancho had a question.
"Sure, let's sit down and then you tell me what Panchito wants."
"He wants to know when we are going down to the bottom of the canyon."
That's a bombshell I was NOT expecting. But I know Pancho, so I had better nip this in the bud! "NO WAY! You know how far it is to the bottom? We'd have to use a walkpath of some kind, if there is one, and I'm not about to do that. It's dangerous! You just tell him ‘NO'!"
Grumbles and dog talk going on for a minute, then he climbs up on the bench beside me. "Pancho says you're a ‘wuss."
"I'M A WUSS? Hey, I don't have to take that from him! He's always talking about going to work for Taco Bell, he'd better be careful or he'll be the Taco! Hey, what's he doing to my shoe? DON'T DO THAT ON MY SHOE!"
Mom returns from the ladies room and wants to know what the problem is. "Don't ask! Just hang onto the leashes while I go wash off my shoe!"
Whatever happened to that little saucer eyed Chihuahua pup who used to sit in my lap and try to lick my nose off my face?