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Pastor David Hicks

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The story goes that one Saturday morning in germany the old cathedral organist was busy practicing in preparation for Sunday. A younger man came in, listened for a while, and then asked permission to play the organ. The organist was very possessive of his instrument and refused to allow the young man to play it. But the younger man persisted, and finally, most reluctantly, the old organist gave his consent. In a matter of a few seconds the entire cathedral was filled with magnificent music, its walls echoing and re-echoing with the organ's rich and beautiful chords. The local organist listened enraptured, and when the brief concert was over, he said to his guest, "Excuse me, sir, what is your name?" The stranger replied, "My name is Felix Mendelssohn."
Oh, the music that can be played on the intruments of our lives, if only we will put ourselves in the hands of God - our loving Master. David Hicks, Pastor, Hawkins, First UMC