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Pastor David Hicks

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William Amos says that one day he was amused by his son's reference to humans as human beans. After he had laughed a little bit, Amos began to think about what his son had really said without even realizing it. Forr instance, take any old bean, leave it alone, and it soon will dry and wither away to dust. It will be totally non-productive. Take that same bean, place it in the right environment - the warm earth - and give it the right nurture - food and water - and a miracle happens. Within that small, simple looking piece of creation, there is contained a fantastic amount of energy. Able to push up the weight of dirt under which it has been buried, it sends a small tender shoot which with proper care and nurture becomes a strong stalk, bush, or vine that produces a bountiful harvest. But, take that same bean and plant it off by itself and it will not be nearly as productive as when planted in community. Leave that bean out of the ground and out of the environment for which it was made, and it simply dies.

Beans have an obvious parallel to us humans. Left alone or isolated, we wither and die. Planted and not nurtured, we simply become another struggling shoot in the row - far from achieving the potential of the miracle God packed inside us at creation. Given the right environment, nurture, and care, we human beans can get in touch with the source of power that enables us to grow.
David Hicks, Pastor, Hawkins First United Methodist Church