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Inky & John The Saga Continues

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At last it is here! The big day - - the moment of truth! Our big vacation starts. We have loaded, unloaded, and re-loaded the car three times. We have a Jeep Grand Cherokee, so we put the rear seats down, laid out two blankets, and then loaded the luggage in the rear, leaving plenty of room in the central area for the Inky mob. I told Inky to instruct Pancho and Spots to be sure to take care of their toilette before we left but they are so excited I'm not sure they heard anything. Our most wonderful children arrived to house sit for us while we are gone. I have the greatest children in the world! Mom makes a final round of the house to be sure we haven't forgotten anything. Finally we are ready to load up and go! Inky and his mob are loaded in the rear passenger door, Mom and I climb into the front seat, wave goodbye to the kids and off we go! I start to back out when I hear Libby say,
"John, I need to use the restroom one more time." I don't believe it! I stop and she gets out and runs back in the house.
Inky pipes in with "Where's Mom going?"
Like an idiot I say "To the bathroom."
Inky thinks about this, then says "Good idea! We need to go too!"I shut off the engine and get out, take Inky over to the gate and put him down inside the fence.
"You little black excuse for a fur hat, you had better do something!" Then I repeat the trip twice more for Pancho and Spots. Upon Mom's return we load up again and this time we really do leave. As we headed for town to get on the highway, I thought, Wow, we are really on our way! This is going to be a great trip!
After another stop in a roadside park for tinkle break we were finally on the interstate headed for our first stop - - Amarillo! As the miles flew by we settled in for the long drive. Mom and I switched driving when we stopped for lunch at a small café near Electra. We took Inky and the mob for a walk, then we all piled back in and went on our way. Soon, Inky, Spots and Pancho were asleep again and Mom and I talked mostly about how much the highway and the scenery along the way had changed. It was a different road forty years ago and I guess that is for the best. West Texas goes by pretty fast and light slowly gave way to shadows. Just then we saw lights ahead. I turned to the back seat and said "Inky, wake up your pals, that's Amarillo up ahead."
Inky jumped into my lap and said "Is this California?"
"No, Inky, this is still Texas. We are going to spend the night here, get some rest, then tomorrow we will cross over into New Mexico. Right now, though, we all need some dinner."
Our motel is on the west side of Amarillo. It is a beautiful place with a pool and very nice rooms. When we arrived I went in and registered while Mom got the mob out of the car and took them for a walk. After a quick dinner we settled down to get some rest. Inky had insisted that all three of them have little ‘nighties' to wear so we helped them into their ‘jammies'. When we finally got in bed, Inky hopped up on my side and said "This is the most fun I've ever had!" then he gave me a giant nose kiss, snuggled up against me, and we all went to sleep. Tomorrow - - The Inky mob meets the Indians!