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Garden Talk

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"Let's Talk Problems and Solutions" will be theme of the Tuesday September 28 meeting of The Holly Gardeners at the Holly Lake Fire Station at 2 p.m.
It promises to be a busy and a fruitful program since all of us can come up with more than one gardening problem in HLR these days and plenty of us have discovered solutions. Sharing both will be the focus of the first fall meeting in which several active gardeners will be invited to share their solutions to a. the deer problem, b. the dry weather problem and c. likely other problems some of us have not yet encountered. Hungry deer are the major topic since most of us have encountered these bands of plant snippers in our gardens and we tend to be uncertain about the usefulness of the various remedies that go the rounds. The major categories for cures are:
2. Plant selection
3. Plant location
4. Potions

A number of residents have undertaken attractive and effective fencing, either for an entire yard or a section of garden and club members will be able to hear their stories of success. Questions will be welcomed and members of the audience will be encouraged to share their version of any of these solutions.
Fencing will be of primary concern and several property owners who have successfully erected attractive protective fencing will discuss their projects. Fencing is permitted within the confines of the ranch, requiring only that it meets with the approval of the Architectural Control Committee. Such details as height of fence, type of fencing-electric, hog wire, plastic netting,etc. will be discussed by property owners who have successfully installed these improvements.
Other ways of reducing the attractiveness of the home garden and landscaping to deer include location of plants, grouping of plants, use of lighting, high intensity sound installations. Selection of plant types is also worth considering since many varieties of native plants are not browsed by deer Examples: Coral Bean, Datura, Texas Green Eyes, all of which have attractive foliage as well as blooms. Some success has been experienced by ringing more sought-after plants (by deer) with these hardy deer-resistant varieties. There are a number of brands of sprays and chemicals that have been manufactured expressly to protect plants from deer. The efficacy of a number of these materials will be discussed.
Cecil Wallace, Holly Gardeners vice-president, will be in charge of the program. He will present a number of speakers to lead discussion on various aspects of the deer problem.
In addition to the program there will also be a door prize drawing and an array of "passalong" plants free for the taking, as well as free gardening literature.

Announcement will be made concerning the annual fall picnic to be held at noon Saturday September 2 at Holly Hall.

The meeting is open to all residents of Holly Lake and surrounding communities.