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-- Marigolds will prevent rodents in your yard ---
The following list contains some of the Colorado College cook's ideal pantry items. Compare your pantry inventory to these suggestions and begin expanding where needed. The perfect pantry is a time-saver
in itself.
Oil and Vinegars - Oils; canola, olive, peanut,safflower, sesame and vegetable. Vinegars; balsamic, cider, raspberry, champagne, red wine, rice wine, sherry, and white wine.
Bottled sauces and juices - Apple cider, barbecue sauce, catsup, Tabasco, and Worcestershire.
Dried goods- Ancho chilies, rice noodles, assorted pasta shapes; beans, black and pinto ; Chinese egg noodles, peanut butter, plain and chunky; rice: arborio, basmati, long-grain, white and wild; and sun-dried tomatoes.
Freezer: Blueberries, Chopped spinach; corn kernels; orange juice con-
centrate; peas, phyllo pastry; puff pastry and unsalted butter.
Canned Goods and Condiments: Beans - black, cannellini, garbanzo, kidney, pinto, white navy; broth; beef, chicken, and vegetable; jellies; apple, apricot, currant, and jalapeno; mayonnaise; canned milk; pineapple; salsa; tomatoes: paste, plum, puree, juice, stewed, oil packed sun-dried, and whole; and water chestnuts.
Nuts, Seeds, and Berries - Almonds; blanched, slivered, and whole; currants;
dried cherries; hazelnuts; macadamia nuts; peanuts;pecans; pine nuts and pistachios; poppy seeds; raisins; sunflower sees; and walnuts.
Wines and Liquors: to your taste.
As I was putting all these items down in writing, I had the thought that - this
is not only a convenience to have items on hand when you need them, but should there be a time when we were unable to go to the store due to bad weather or other circumstances we hadn't planned on. Having canned soups, crackers and cheeses, and other non-perishable items to your liking would be a true blessing for you and possibly your neighbors. "Be prepared " is a good MOTTO!