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Holly Lake Effect

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Traveling. It's such a temptation. At times-particularly when ther werather turns not to our liking-when it seems any place would be better than this. Forget that Florida is as hot or hotter, that it's cold in the mountains and that you hate big cities. Getting started seems so easy. You pick up the phone or turn on the computer ands you begin to answer questions beginning with your mother's maiden name. You want to ask what they want that for-she's dead and she never had a credit card. Or you drop by a travel agent's office and spend some time going through piles of colorful brochures. You get dizzy looking at mountains, lakes, swimming pools, people grilling lunch at the seashore. You begin to get confused after the first ten minutes. Haven't you seen that motel before- the one with the "swim-up" bar? All the skinny women in skinny bathing suits sitting on the pool's edge? You know there's no way you'd fit into that picture.
Then you see on your TV screen a program about cheap travel. You never knew those two words could be spoken in the same breath. But wait! There are helpful hints coming up on the screen that will guide you to a successful vacation and money in the bank. First of all the screen starfts sending messages about packing. Don't take everything you have. Learn to do roll-ups-that is roll up all your clothes into tight little sausages. (The ultimate roll-up challenge is to tackle that full-skirted dress with the long-sleeve jacket. It's just not meant to be a sausage. Take tee shirts because they are soft and always looked wrinkled because that's their natural appearance. With a lot of gee shirts you don't have to pack an iron. Be sure your tee shirts don't have messages about resorts other than the one you're going to. You may find the quality of the service suddenly dropping to zero.
Don't pack a hat or hats. Remember the time your mother or your grandmother packed for a trip and carried hat boxes. Be thankful that these aren't the good old days. Pack more than one pair of shoes. You can't depend on your mud-stained New Balance walking shoes to carry you into the opera or the fancy dress restaurant. Pack a pair with heels if your balance is still in working order. Consider going barefoot in certain places such as the beach.
Be sure your shorts are not so short that onlookers will either frown in disgust or invite you to their motel room for a beer.
‘Medicines are the ultimate chjallenge for people paclking for a getaway. Ask yourself basic questions. Will I get sick? What is the probability? Does your destination have clumps of trees of the kind you're allergic to? If you havfe room in uyour trunk (or suitcase) pack water. You never know what the quality of water might be where you're going. Primitive places may be the most exciting but the beds in their hospiutal wards are usually hard and onlyh have one sheet.