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Editorial & Clarification

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NOTE: In this space in the last issue, as I have since found out, the photo that I used was a "re-creation" of how Sharia Law is sometimes carried out in Muslim countries, and was not a photo of an actual event. I also might add that the scenes (in the other photos that I mentioned in that piece) were quite "real -looking" with the actors giving outstanding professional performaces in their various roles to achieve the desired chilling effects. In order to stage these depictions, significant budgets would be necessary, and one wonders who was funding them and what were their motives for doing so? Since the result of the photos was to degrade Islam (& Sharia Law) one then begins to wonder why Islam is not denouncing the producers and threatning their lives as they did in Denmark when certain Danes degraded Islam with cartoons.
When we talk about Sharia law we are not talking about the practice of Law as we know it here in America where people have rights and are presumed innocent, etc. As I said in the last issue, we hear reports of such things as "honor killings" where a man has the right to murder his wife for infidelity with the full support of an Islamic government in a particular country, possibly even Saudi Arabia. In the front page piece in the previous issue, the writer, Dick Morris, referred to a study that he said was soon to be published by Frank Gaffney's Center for Security Policy saying that only 20 % of the Mosques in America have no "taint" of Sharia while the other 80% are filled with violent literature and Sharia teachings and serve as bases for the promotion of Jihad, "Home Grown" terrorism in America. W.C.