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Wood County Industrial Commission

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Meeting in regular session Thursday, September 2 at Yantis Community Center, the board of the Wood County Industrial Commission (WCIC) approved the nominating committee recommendations for 2010-2011 WCIC officers and heard a report on the Mineola Jobs Fair and an opinion survey among participating employers on the Fair.
The WCIC board approved the nominating committee's recommendations that Rodney Duplechain (Holly Lake) serve as chairman and Ladd Thompson (Mineola) as vice-chairman for fiscal 2010-2011. There was one no vote and one abstention, but no nominations were offered.
WCIC Executive Director Gary McKinley presented a report from the Mineola Job Fair held in July along with a survey conducted among the employers represented at the event. As a direct result of contact at the jobs fair, 50-to-60 people have been hired by the participating employers. The participating employers survey was generally quite positive with suggestions that the time period (four hours) be shortened. Receiving particular kudos were location (Mineola Civic Center), number of applicants, and the refreshments and door prizes. The event was sponsored by the Mineola Economic Development Team.
McKinley advised the board that three projects/promotions which earned grants from WCIC have yet to submit invoices for their events, including Holly Lake Chamber advertising promotion, Lake Country Playhouse advertising and the Winnsboro Chamber of Commerce Gun Show. The expenses are due prior to the end of September.
The October meeting of the Wood County Industrial Commission will be held on Thursday, October 7 at 11 a.m. The meeting will be hosted by the Ozarka Wood County Water Plant.