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Pastor David Hicks

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There is a story that came out of Phoenix, Arizona several years ago. It seems that a seven-year-old boy accidentally fell into a two-hundred-seventy-five-foot well. For forty-five minutes the young boy was trapped in darkness, with multiple fractures. "Daddy, get me out of here," he yelled. "Don't worry, son, and don't be scared. We will get you out. Just push against the sides of the pipe so you don't sink." Eventually, the proper rescue equipment arrived. A rope was lowered into the well. The boy's father gave specific instructions as to how to place the rope over his shoulders and beneath his arms, and to hold on. The boy obeyed, and was lifted to safety. His father commented, "He always did mind good!" Regardless of the poor grammar, there was a trustful relationship between the father and the son.
There need to be the same kind of rapport and relationship between the us and God!
David Hicks, Pastor, First United Methodist Church, Hawkins