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Steve Kehoe reviews Parrillada Mireles

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You really have to know it's there ... tucked back behind Floor Source, but once you find it, you're in for a treat. "Parrillada Mireles" (Mireles' Grill) is worth the search, featuring authentic Mexican food ("alltentico'j, as opposed to the ubiquitous "Tex-Mex" which so many of us "settle" for. Hey, I'm just as guilty-when I was a "Yankee" I thought all Mexican food came in yellow cans labeled "Old El Paso"-what did I know? Then my "B.W." and I moved to Tejas in '77 and our eyes beheld a brave new world! Then when I traveled to Old Mexico and tasted their wonderful cuisine, well .I wanna tell ya, Pilgrim!

The whole idea, says Amador Mireles, son of owner Jesse, was to be able to bring forth a new dining experience to East Texas. Jesse's wife and Amador's brother Eliseo also work in the cocina, preparing such dishes as Enmoladas, Chuletas (marinated pork chops), Tampiquena (mmmmm!), and this writer's all-time favorite,pechuga con mole ‘. Since opening in February of this year, Jesse and his family have experimented with the menu, dropping some items and adding popular sellers that customers have requested.

They are open from 11-4 and from 11-3 on Sunday; a popular Saturday dish is their taco
fiesta at only $7.95, and Parrillada Mireles offers weekday specials starting at only $7.95.
On this visit your writer enjoyed the Enmoladas con chorizo, and chose the red sauce
over the sour cream topping. Muy delicioso! Mirabile dictu! A long list of Bebidas
includes coffee, tea, sodas, and such exotics as aguas frescas which come in Limon,
(water)melon, cucumber (really!You should try it! ) I found a new delight today, which
was a new taste treat for this thirsty old hombre: Horchata or rice water, with a hint of
cinnamon. I would recommend this refreshing drink to all patrons. The Mireles family
plans, beginning June zs", a wide-ranging salad bar. One week later will mark the debut
of their new lunch buffet; both the salad bar and lunch buffet will go for only $7.95 per
person. There is a childrens' menu para ninos, offering prices of$3.95 & $4.25 for
youngsters' delights.

The address for Parrilada Mireles is 5411 South Hwy 14, but a quicker way to find it is to remember that it lies in the parking lot, just behind Floor Source, in the former "Urban Eats" facility. Plenty of parking is available, and you will be glad you discovered this simple but elegant venue for treats a la Mexicana served with a caring family touch!
Steve Kehoe, is a frequent contributor to the Gazette on page B 6