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Political Report

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The Legislative Report
The Gazette Staff
It's a busy year for Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott. His office is challenging forays by the federal government on several fronts.
Following a ruling by the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) on carbon dioxide emissions, he sued the agency to preserve Texas' clean air regulations. States have the right to set their own standards in this regard.
Texas has also joined a 20-state lawsuit challenging Obamacare, the health care overhaul that will generate heavy added costs for the states. Abbott also recently got on a news channel and scolded the president for the lack of action in protecting the border with Mexico. This occurred just after bullets from the Juarez area struck the city hall in El Paso.
The attorney general also joined a legal brief supporting Arizona's immigration law, and he opposed a union measure championed by Sen. Harry Reid, which he said would interfere with the state's relationship with state employees.
Abbott may also challenge the Obama administration's moratorium on deep water drilling in the Gulf. He said his office was "looking into it."
Abbott said Texas would stop challenging the federal government as soon as the Feds stop overreaching and violating the Constitution and laws.
The attorney general stated, "We are responding to a once-in-a-lifetime expansion of the federal government in ways that violate the Constitution."
Governor Rick Perry met briefly with President Obama when the latter landed at the airport in Austin to attend a Democrat fundraiser.
Perry said he wanted the opportunity to raise his concerns about border security with the president.
Bill White, the Democrat gubernatorial candidate, stayed away from Obama's Texas events earlier this week
Tickets for the Austin event began at $5,000 per person.