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The new feminism

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The days of bra burning are long gone and a new feminism is rising. The militants who defined womanhood as anti-male have disappeared from the scene and a new breed of female is moving to the forefront of public life.
They are business executives, political movers and shakers, sports icons and media moguls, but nowadays, these ranks also include women who opt to stay home and raise their children. Men and woman recognize that motherhood and fatherhood are the two most vital functions any adult can perform.
Some manage to both raise the kids and keep other careers going. Sarah Palin, a leader of the new feminism, is a good example of this.
There are many others. Multi-millionaire former CEOs Carly Fiorina and Meg Whitman are now up to their ears in high profile political campaigns - Fiorina is running against Barbara Boxer for the office of U.S. Senator from California and Whitman is engaged in the race to become the next governor of the (once) Golden State. (It takes guts to run for that job!)
Many in the new feminist movement are conservative women, along with women of other political stripes and some have no political involvement.
Black women are also leaders of the new feminism. Serena Williams, of grand slam tennis fame, has now branched out into clothing and jewelry design. Serena once had the temerity to tell President Obama that he needed to cut her taxes!
Of course, everyone knows Oprah Winfrey's success story. Even if you don't watch her TV show (The general content isn't my cup of tea) there is no denying that almost everything she touches turns to gold. It has been reported that she is the world's wealthiest woman and her philanthropic activities are many.
Palin has had the roughest road since she exploded on the scene at the 2008 Republican convention.
The Mainstream media (voice of the Left) has heaped her with derision because they fear her political power. Her natural charisma and grassroots origins attract a huge following of both women and men. Palin's intelligence and her background have come in for some very nasty shots from people who likely could not hold a candle to her in discussing, for example, energy policy.
But expressions like "You betcha" don't go down well in the salons of D.C. and the Upper East Side. They even put down her education. I cannot understand why there is anything wrong with a journalism degree from the University of Idaho. But if you live in the drawing rooms of Manhattan, Alaska and Idaho are considered the far side of the moon.
They even went after her reading habits. I would bet that Palin reads more in a week than Katy Couric reads in a year, but I did wish she had tweeked Ms. Couric by answering that she had recently read Dark Night of the Soul by St. Jean de la Croix, was currently re-reading Faulkner's Absalom, Absalom, and had just renewed her subscriptions to The Economist and Foreign Affairs. It would have been delightfully outrageous, stopped Couric cold and sent the press a signal that Palin was onto the game. She needs to let them know she doesn't give a rat's patooty what they think of her.
But she was blind-sided - perhaps she'll do better next time, having gotten accustomed to the hostile glare. Maggie Thatcher, early on, received the same treatment from elitists in London and Edinburgh who called her a chemist's daughter from the Midlands, a background they felt disqualified her from becoming the prime minister of Great Britain.
Palin has proven she can go for the jugular in critiquing the President's policies. I hope she will surround herself with the best and brightest minds in several areas of policy and allow them to mentor her as she seems to be a quick study. I wish she could modulate her voice a little when speaking in public. I also think it is time for her to stop dropping the ‘g' from words ending in ‘ing' but that's a minor quibble.
The weirdest critique to date was when Palin told supporters "Don't retreat, reload" and the Left accused her of inciting violence! Yet during his campaign, when Obama was questioned about attacks from the other side, he quoted a line from The Untouchables, "When they bring a knife to a fight, we bring a gun." No one questioned his language. You betcha!