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LOCAL Boy Scout Troop visits Alert &

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Troop 391, Boy Scouts of America, sponsored by the First Methodist Church of Hawkins, TX went camping at the International Alert Academy on what proved to be a fun filled adventure. Saturday morning came and the boys were ready to go to the "Tower" to go rock climbing. This forty foot tall structure is plainly visible from US-80.
Three instructors from ALERT, James Perryman, Steve Damkers and Cliff Patrick gave up their Saturday to instruct the boys on safety and the proper commands while on the rope. One Scout and one Leader made it to the top. The other boys and men gave it the valiant try. Most all learned rappelling on the short twenty foot wall, then moved up to the forty foot side for the big ride down.
After a short break, James Perryman took the Troop to the "Confidence Course" hidden in the piney woods. A series of obstacles awaited that involved problem solving and physical skill. The funniest challenge that I observed was when James asked everyone to stand on a long log that was two feet off the ground. When every one was standing and had their balance, they were requested to give their first name. The next request was to line up alphabetically with out getting off the log. If you stepped off, a horrible penalty would be put upon you. Only two boys lost their balance and were given a soccer ball to carry for the rest of the exercise.
There was only enough time for four of the exercises before lunch. Then we all went back to the campground for a wiener roast. After lunch the fire was stoked up and acting Senior Patrol Leader, Carlos Gonzales organized the flag retirement ceremony. The Troop was entrusted, by the Holly Lake Kiwanis Club, to retire fifty flags that had flown at Holly Lake Ranch.
As the first flag was burning, Scoutmaster Wesley Marsh told of how Francis Scott Key came to write the poem that became the words to our National Anthem. He then led the singing of the "Star Spangled Banner." The boys then proceeded to retire the rest of the flags.Adult leaders on this outing were Scoutmaster Wesley Marsh, Jr. Assistant Scoutmaster Pat Mobley, Troop Committee Members: Mike Browning, Rhonda Browning and Vic Pell.