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HLR Fishing Club is big

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Russell and MaryLou Thurau have lived at Holly Lake Ranch since February of 2008, purchasing the former home of HLR co-founder Bill and Sharon McKenzie. Russ is an avid fisherman and believes that our five lakes are potentially a very valuable amenity (perhaps even rivaling golf) as part of our homeowner property values. He feels that improvement of the lakes can come from stocking and feeding of "panfish" such as Blue Gill and Crappie, which he and the Holly Lake Fishing Club members and the HLR Association have already begun in earnest.
The Mission Statement of the Holly Lake Fishing Club professes to develop and maintain quality fishing waters through re-stocking programs, sensible aquatic vegetation control, habitat enhancement and improved water quality. The Goals of the Club are to have fun, enjoy and promote the sport of fishing and sportsmanship among anglers; to share ideas, expand knowledge of different types of fish, and to develop Lake Greenbriar into a premier fishing lake for panfish, such as Blue Gill and Crappie. From time to time they sponsor fishing events, including tournaments, for the purpose of stimulating interest and promoting healthy competition between club members. Additionally, the club promotes water safety and is available to assist Ranch Security in monitoring flagrant violations of posted regulations on our lakes.
Last November, through the matching contributions of club members and the Ranch Association, Lake Greenbriar was stocked with 3,000 hybrid bluegills, each over 6 inches in length. An additional 6,000 hybrids are scheduled to be stocked in Lake Greenbriar and 2,000 in Holly Lake this May. Those fish, with the proper food support, have the capability to put on over ½ lb. each year, reaching a weight of 2-3 pounds at maturity. In order to assure the growth potential of theses fish, the club solicited 11 waterfront homeowners (9on Lake Greenbriar and 2 on Holly Lake) to underwrite the needed fish feeders which are now in place, the club assembling, installing and stocking the feeders. In addition to the stocking of the hybrid bluegills, the Ranch Association has undertaken a significant stocking of crappie in both Lake Greenbriar and Holly Lake."
Club Membership is open to all Ranch property owners and has grown to over 70. Annual (calendar year) dues which are dedicated towards defraying direct Club expenses and amenities are $50.00 per individual including spouse. For additional information, contact Danny Dorsey @ 613-2333.