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Wood County Commissioners Court

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Meeting in regular session Friday, February 19, 2010, with all Commissioners present, Judge Jeanes gaveled the session to order at 10:00 sharp.
Wood County Commissioners approved payments for payroll of $291,496.14, accounts payable claims totaling $ 227,204.93 including health care costs of $ 27,304.81. .
They then approved 2 personel actions, both temporary part timr tax hires in Carol Taylor's office.
Agenda item #4,no Line Item Transfers or Budget Admendments.
They then approved a resolution from Mike Hall, City of Quitman Administrator for Wood County to give a parcel of land to a private development co. that had a fire damaged structure needing demolition in return for said demolition. The land would then be put back on the tax roles.
They then approved a donation of a used vehicle from the City of Mineola to the Wood County Airport.
They then passed with no issue Agenda Item # 8 on a Precinct 2 property.
They then approved a proclamation declaring the week of 2-21 through 2-27-10 as Severe Weather Week.
The next regular meeting of the Wood County Commissioners Court will be Friday, March 5, 2010 at 10 a.m. A special meeting of the court can be called with 72-hour public notice.