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Judge Clarence "Clancy" Holmes

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Judge Clarence "Clancy" Holmes announces intent to seek re-election as Justice of the Peace Pct. 3
Judge Holmes has served Pct.3 as their Justice of the Peace since January 1st 2007 after being elected in 2006. In his term as Justice of the Peace he has obtained many hours of training and experience as a Judge in and for Pct. 3 Wood County.
I grew up in Wood County and attended/graduated from Hawkins Schools and received education from Tyler Junior College and North East Texas Community College, where my studies led me into law enforcement. I have worked locally all my life, spending 6 great years serving the Holly Lake Community as a security officer then transferring to the Wood County Sheriff's Office where I worked for 10+ years as a Deputy, most of which was spent serving as the Civil and Warrants officer for the entire county, serving the local District, County and Justice of the Peace courts as their bailiff and civil officer, executing civil process and writs/warrants as a result of the judgements of the courts. By this experience I became well acquainted with the position of Justice of the Peace and sought election to my first term successfully in a field of 7 candidates for the office in Pct. 3, my home.
I am a member of Summit Heights Fellowship near Holly Lake Ranch and appreciate very much being able to serve them however I am needed. I am the father of 3 wonderful daughters, my oldest daughter, having graduated from Hawkins, now attends Tyler Junior College and my 2 younger daughters attend Hawkins in the Middle schools, 6th and 8th grade. I volunteer in my community, with most of my time given to serving as the Band Parent Association co President for the Hawkins Hawks Band. I also take time in lieu of vacation and serve as a substitute teacher in the schools of HISD (less than 9 full days in the last calendar year), during which I am able to be a role model to the boys and girls in those schools and also become familiar with them and they with me. I am a firm believer that as a Judge who prescribes punishment to Juveniles after guilt has been decided that, as my pastor once told me, "rules without relationship often equal rebellion."
It is with much appreciation and thanks I come to the voters of Pct. 3, Wood County, asking them to continue their support for me as their Justice of the Peace. I have loved serving our community as their Judge and have done my utmost to become versed in the position by attending training. I was inducted into the College of Justice Court Judges in all 3 years of my service to date, exceeding basic required training hours and adhering to a higher level of education that has helped me to provide a better service to Pct. 3. I am an active and current member of the Texas Justice Court Judges Association and the Texas Justice of the Peace and Constables Association, not only partaking of training but also the network of experience we can offer each other.
I have efficiently, professionally and ably handled the dockets of both the Civil/Small Claims and Criminal Courts with honesty and care for the duty I am entrusted with. I am still very humbled by the trust the folks of Pct. 3 have placed in me and look forward to continuing my service to you all.
It has been an honor to be a part of making the Justice of the Peace Pct. 3 office a respected, purposeful office that serves this community for the sake of serving with fairness and honesty. Our relationship with the county JP offices, DA's office and other county offices has flourished during my term and I am very proud to serve and interact with citizens and other elected officials/employees to the best of my ability.
Please show your support for me by taking part in the March 2nd, 2010 Republican primary election. I hope that I can continue to be of service to Pct. 3 as your Justice of the Peace. I truly believe that it's the person that makes the job special, not the job that makes the person special.