A Dash of Pepper

I've written here in the past opining that man-made global warming is a scam of mammoth proportions. Well, I was partly right. It turns out that the scheme is not just a scam but possibly an outright hoax.
I also ventured the opinion that the idea of carbon footprint credits was fishy and someone, somewhere was making out like a bandit. Turns out, some big, big money was involved world-wide ranging from corporate giants like GE to huge government grants for certain institutions.
E-mails between Phil Jones of the Climate Research Unit at the University of East Anglia in the U.K. and a colleague in the U.S., Michael Mann of Penn State, indicates some chicanery with regard to the methodology used for decades to persuade the world at large that global warming is man-made. One even mentions attempts to "hide the decline" in temperatures through the past decade.
Lately, because cooling seems to have set in, the skeptics became more numerous. This resulted in the promoters of warming becoming more abusive in their language, insulting even respected scientists.
Anyway, apparently, some raw data was altered in favor of global warming theorists. Actually, without an impending epocalpyse, "climate science" would be a relatively obscure field, as it was up to a generation ago. They have a vested interest in maintaining the planet's-gonna-fry line.
Three things pop out of the recent news:
One - The data were manipulated to hide a decline in recent temperatures.
Two - There was a concerted effort to subvert the peer-review process of journals that might publish "skeptical" articles (and thereby undermine the "consensus" argument.)
Three -There was an organized attempt to circumvent or obstruct the legal requirements of the UK's Freedom of Information Act of 2002, which appears on its face to rise to the level of criminality.
Also, it seems that a load of raw data was thrown out when the East Anglia facility expanded and needed space. Additionally, some scientists are saying that late data release now may not be accompanied by the formulas and math codes used to interpret the raw data, which would impede useful peer review.
The media has played a huge role in this. Instead of exposing the warming thesis to rigorous journalistic examination, they continue to stage fluffy green stunts and run soft-focus "living green" articles featuring Hollywood activists.
In a time of massive cost cutbacks, newspapers have created the new position of specialist "climate correspondent" and "environmental reporter." These positions have been filled with sycophantic promoters. Think also of the science textbooks now filled with nonsense and all the five to ten year-olds who have been thoroughly indoctrinated and frightened with fake science.
Sometime in the New Year, we'll be facing a debate over the foolish cap-and-trade bill - a crazy scheme, in which the American taxpayer will be asked to foot a huge bill on carbon emissions, while the world's worst polluters walk scot-free. Do you feel like a stranger in a strange land?