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A/B Board Minutes

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NOVEMBER 17, 2009
(File: A/BBoardMin111709; Folder A)
I. Call the Meeting to Order - Bob Levy called the meeting to order on November 17, 2009. Members present from the A Board: Bob Levy, President, Michael Hall, Rebeeca Todd Hitt, James MacBride, and Jane McMillan. From the B Board, John Sparks, Vice President, Larry Bowman, Treasurer, Jeanette Sterner, Secretary, and Bill Beggs. Rob James, General Manager of HLRA and Barbara Cooper, HLRA employee, were also present. Bob Levy introduced James MacBride, who is a new member of the A Board.
II. Approval of Meeting Summary for July 21, 2009 - A motion was made by Larry Bowman and seconded by John Sparks to approve the minutes. Motion passed.
III. Dues Increase Recommendation - Rob recommended to the Board the following increases:
A. A 2.1% increase in property dues. This increase will result in a $2.00 increase per month, which would raise dues from $94.40 a month to $96.40 a month. The same increase will be used on additional lots raising the fee $1.00 a month from $47.20 a month to $48.20 a month. One percent of all dues will continue to be placed in a contingency fund. Larry commented that the contingency fund came in handy when we had some serious road damage after some of the heavy rains. HLRA used approximately $19,000 of this fund, which kept us from having to cut some other project(s) slated for this year. A motion was made by John Sparks and seconded by Larry Bowman to accept the 2.1% increase in dues. The motion passed. (Note: The dues for Silverleaf will also increase by the same percentage.)
B. Rob recommends a 5% discount to be provided to those who pay yearly with cash or by check. The total dues savings per month to those paying yearly will be $2.80 ($91.60) and $2.40 ($45.80) for additional lots. A motion was made by John Sparks and seconded by Jeanette Sterner to approve this discount. The motion passed.
C. Rob recommended a 3% surcharge to be added to all dues that are paid for by credit card in order to off set the credit card fee: Property Owner Dues $99.29; Additional Lot Fee, $49.65; Pre Paid Dues, $94.35; and Pre Paid Additional Lot, $47.17. Bob asked if this surcharge was going to be charged for all dues to include golf. Rob said for any dues made for with a credit card. A motion was made by John Sparks and seconded by Larry Bowman to accept this surcharge. The motion passed.
D. Rob recommends a garbage fee increase of 25 cents. This increase will raise the fee from $14.25 to $14.50. This increase is needed to offset the increase that was instituted by IESI in April 2009. When the company began charging HLRA more, we did not pass on that increase to the property owners because we had already set the dues and fees in January 2009. Larry stated that going forward we will not try to guess if there will be a Garbage Fee increase but if there is one, it will be passed on when it occurs. A motion was made by Bill Beggs and seconded by Larry Bowman to increase the garbage fee. The motion passed.
E. Rob gave the members a copy of the letter from the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ), which mandates HLRA to submit the Emergency Action Plan for Lake Greenbriar Dam to the executive director for review by January 1, 2011. Rob explained that such requirements are the result of the failed levies and dams during Katrina. The B Board recommends a one time $20 Dam Study Assessment. The assessment will be implemented in the month of May and will be assessed to all property owners. The assessment will raise $35,000 of which $25,000 will go towards the State Mandated Emergency Action Plan and $10,000 will go towards needed dam repairs as noted by an engineering company, which were hired to examine the dam. Rob stressed the dam is not in danger, but improvements were suggested. A motion was made by Larry Bowman and seconded by Bill Beggs to charge this one time assessment so HLRA can complete this mandate. The motion passed.
IV. Golf Fee Recommendation - Rob recommends approving a $25 ($875) increase for singles, $37.50 ($1537.50) increase for couples and a $50 ($1700) for family. There will be a 3% surcharge for using a credit card. $25 from the single rate and $50 from the couples and family will continue to go into a golf contingency fund. Monthly pay will still be allowed with a credit card surcharge. It was asked about the use of the contingency fund. Rob said that this fund was used to help pay for the improvements on hole 13. It can be used for storm damage to the golf course. Rob said we had a lot of tree damage this year. A motion was made by Bill Beggs and seconded by Larry Bowman to accept the increases in golf dues. The motion passed.
V. 2010 Operating Budget Recommendation - Rob presented the budget proposals to the Board. Each department's project proposals were reviewed. John Sparks commented on the work of the Lakes Work Group. He said they have done a lot of research and feel there are several improvements that need to be considered, if not this year, next year. The WG feels the lakes have been somewhat ignored. They feel the lakes are the second most valuable recreational source we have next to the golf course. There are several fishermen in the WG and they made recommendations on the number of fish and types of fish that need to be stocked in the lakes. These lakes could be prime fishing lakes if we spent more money on them. Fishing like golf, is a great recreational sport for children and grandchildren. They are also concerned about the buildup of silt in the lakes. John also commented how the budgeting process is becoming more and more productive every year. The managers have done a good job of prioritizing their projects and planning improvements over a three to five year cycle. Bob asked if we bought new chairs for the Hall. He remembered Jeanette stating last year how run down some of the chairs were in the Hall. Jeanette said we did buy some new chairs in 2009 and more chairs will be purchased in 2010. In addition, some of the tables are going to be replaced because some are becoming too unstable to use for dinners and parties. A motion was made by John Sparks and seconded by Larry Bowman to accept the 2010 Operating Budget. The motion passed.
VI. Restaurant Payoff Recommendation - Rob recommended using the Restaurant CD that was used as collateral to build the restaurant to pay off the remaining restaurant note. As of December 31, 2009, $72,234.33 will be owed on the restaurant. The CD is valued at $118,335.36 leaving $46,101.23 to be saved for future capital improvements. Also, by paying off the note early, $60,000 will not be needed to be budgeted for in 2010 that was needed to make the monthly $5,000 mortgage. A motion was made by Bill Beggs and seconded by Larry Bowman to pay off the remaining note on the restaurant. The motion passed.
VII. Prohibition of Deer Feeding Recommendation - It was recommended to prohibit the feeding of deer and/or the presence of any type of deer feeder. This rule will take affect on January 1, 2010 and will result in an initial $150 fine for non-compliance. Bob Levy had read Jeanette's minutes of the Deer Meeting conducted by TWPD. Jeanette gave him another copy at the meeting in case he had any specific questions. Larry said that TWPD made it very clear that they would not assist HLRA with the removal of deer unless we enacted a "no feeding" policy. Jeanette said since we will do a trap and process or hunt and process method as part of the deer removal project, it is a lot easier for people to accept the idea. If the meat is not wasted, but going to a food bank, the project is seen as achieving another goal and that is feed those in need. Larry said the deer problem is probably affecting timeshare owners. Not in the same way as the residents, but nevertheless they have some impact. Jeanette said that the timeshare owners come for the beauty of HLR and that is being affected by the browsing of the deer. She said the whole eco-system is affected. TPWD noted that HLR could lose some bird species because of the loss of vegetation. Larry asked if Silverleaf would consider assisting with the cost of the deer removal project. Bob Levy said he would speak with the developer, but he feels that some assistance will probably be given. Bob had some ideas as to how such problems were solved in other communities. A motion was made by Larry Bowman and seconded by Bill Beggs to adopt the no feeding of deer policy, which includes an initial fine of $150 for feeding deer or for having any type of deer feeder. The motion passed.
VIII. Golf Tournament Schedule Discussion - Rob asked the Board to discuss the golf tournament schedule submitted by the MGA, WGA, Nine Holers and several charitable organizations. As the tournament schedule was reviewed, it was noted the number of weekend tournaments, which might impact the ability to play golf for timeshare players, visitors and homeowners who come to HLR only on the weekends. Jane McMillan noted that one tournament takes up three days of the Spring Break week. It was recommended that Rob have the groups relook at their proposed schedules.
IX. Recommends the Approval of the New ACC Rules Handbook - Rob presented the revised ACC Rules Handbook. Some former members of the ACC took on the project of consolidating and revising the ACC Rules Handbook. The committee did a great job of improving the handbook by improving the language and inconsistencies in the handbook. It is now indexed to make it easier for the property owner and the ACC member to find the rule that pertains to the project one is undertaking. It will be on the website and given to new property owners. A copy can be obtained at the Administration Office. A motion was made by Larry Bowman and seconded by John Sparks to adopt the new ACC Rules Handbook. The motion passed.
X. Rules and Regulations Recommendation - It was recommended the Board adopt the new R & R Handbook. Like the ACC Rules, the Rules and Regulations Handbook also needed to be revised and clarified. There were inconsistencies in this handbook. A Work Group worked very hard to clarify many rules and regulations. An index was prepared so as to find information much faster. A motion was made by Larry Bowman and seconded by John Sparks that the Board adopts the revised Rules and Regulations Handbook. The motion passed.
XI. Bob Levy thanked John Sparks and Bill Beggs for their years of service on the Board.
There was no further business. A motion was made by Larry Bowman and seconded by Jeanette Sterner to adjourn the meeting. The motion passed.
The meeting was recorded, cataloged by number 111709 and available in the office of the administrative assistant by appointment.
Submitted by Jeanette L. Sterner, Secretary

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