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Dash of Pepper

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Obama's end game
The Gazette Staff

I've been saying since the health care issue began dominating the news that it's NOT about your health care. The fixes for real reform of the system are relatively straightforward, but require a political will not currently existing, with Democrats in charge of the executive and legislative branches in Washington.
Basically the fixes are portability of insurance from job to job, the ability to purchase insurance over state lines to increase competition and lower premiums, tort reform to avoid "defensive" medicine doctors are forced to practice now, and a subsidy to those who genuinely can't afford insurance but want it and to those with preexisting conditions - the real number of these people is between 12 and 15 million people.
The health care push is all about POWER - capturing it and maintaining it.
I do believe Obama when he said he was very reluctant to get into the banking and car industries. They serve as a distraction from his REAL trifecta: the takeover of health care, education and energy.
Obviously, a health care takeover puts the government into every area of our lives: what you eat, how you behave, even where you live or work.
Basically, the Left already has the education establishment with few exceptions. Recently, Obama strengthened that grip by taking over student loans.
The third arm of the trifecta is the so-called cap-and-trade bill. Carbon credits on CO2 emissions represent a scam currently operating in Europe. Some insiders are setting themselves up to profit from portions of this, but the net results for Americans will be soaring prices for electricity, plus higher fuel prices, impacting the daily commute. It even includes an assault on property rights.
In order to sell your home (no matter when it was built) you would have to bring it into compliance, as Mark Steyn recently wrote, "with a whimsical, eternally evolving set of standards starting with a 50 percent reduction in energy use by 2018." He adds, "If you fail to do this it would be illegal for you to enter into a private contract with a willing buyer."
Cap and trade will impact every part of our lives. It narrowly passed the House of Representatives. Hopefully, its future seems in doubt in the U.S. Senate. At any rate, it won't likely come up for the Senate vote before the New Year.
As a free market person, I'm against bailouts. But, above all, don't forget the TRIFECTA: Education, health care and energy. Any progress this administration makes in these three areas of American life is a whole more worrisome than the bailouts. Vigilance is the price of freedom, now more than ever.


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