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October- Domestic Violence Month

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October is Domestic Violence
Awareness Month

October has been declared Domestic Violence Awareness Month in Wood County. This month provides an excellent opportunity for the county to demonstrate its support for ending domestic violence and to support its numerous victims.
Domestic violence is a serious epidemic and is prevalent in our society. The problems of domestic violence are not confined to any group of people but cross all economic, racial and societal categories. This crime of violence violates an individual's privacy, dignity, security and humanity due to the systematic use of physical, emotional, sexual and psychological abuse.
The Victim Services Division of the office of the Wood County District Attorney provides support to domestic violence victims as well as victims of other crimes by offering numerous services pursuant of Chapter 56 of the Texas Code of Criminal Procedure.
Jalayne Robinson is the crime victim liaison/family service coordinator at the Wood County Justice Center in Quitman. She provides assistance to county crime victims after an offense has occurred. She also provides them with services including crisis intervention, assistance with crime victims' compensation and information in coordination with local law enforcement and the district attorney's office. Robinson may be reached at 903-763-1243.
Robin Marshall is the victim assistance coordinator in the district attorney's office in Quitman. She provides crime victims with services throughout their experience with the justice system after case reaches the D.A.'s office. Marshall may be reached at 903-763-4515.
Both Robinson and Marshall work closely with the East Texas Crisis Center by referring victims of crime for additional services such as shelter, counseling services, group therapy and financial assistance. The crisis center can be reached at 1-800-333-0358.
In 2001, women killed by intimate partners numbered 113. As of 2008, that figure had risen to138.

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