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Dash of Pepper

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The Wrecking Crew
The Gazette Staff

It was reported recently that many of the Wall Street bigwigs that supported Barack Obama are now privately having grave misgivings, although they don't say this publicly. (While the mainstream press has traditionally termed the Republicans as the party of Wall Street, that has not been the case for many years now!)
Meanwhile, it is also reported that people such as Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner and chief economic advisor Lawrence Summers have complained to Wall Street executives that they have almost no say in major policy decisions.
Additionally, Obama's economics counselor Paul Volker, the former Fed chairman, is barely consulted at all - not even on issues concerning the banking system, of which he is among the world's leading authorities.
Some on Wall Street are even saying that the President is acting as though he has a blank check to do what he wants, while ignoring the long-term costs of his policies.
On Wall Street executive said, "The economic guys say that when they explain the costs of programs, the policy guys simply thank them for their time and then ignore what they say."
Noting the regard in which men such as Larry Summers are held in the world of economics, Prof. Paul Rahe of Hillsdale College said, "It must be excruciating to watch while Obama's wrecking crew destroys the foundations for American prosperity."
So we come to the question - who is in charge? It is the Chicago crowd of political operative led by Chief of Staff Rahm Emmanuel? Is it a cabal of left-wing progressives within the circle of Obama's czars?
When Obama was questioned about what he really believes, he trotted out names like Paul Volker. During the campaign, he ran as a quasi-centrist, and made soothing statements. But the real guide to how a person thinks and what guides him, are the people he has surrounded himself with throughout his life.
In Obama's case, he has consistently found his intellectual companions on the Far Left. When he was very young, he was close to Frank Marshall Davis, an American communist who lived in Hawaii. In Chicago, former terrorist William Ayers was at least an acquaintance. Jeremiah Wright was his pastor for 20 years, He is a black liberation theologist - a proponent of a belief system that includes socialism, if not outright communism. None of these people appear to have any love for America.
Obama worked as a community organizer in Saul Alinski's old neighborhood. Alinski authored the book "Rules for Radicals" which presents progressives with clear-cut directions on actually implementing their beliefs
Obama's chief advisor, Valerie Jarrett, is a member of this circle out of Chicago. The linkages go on and on. Even more disturbing is Obama's attitude toward dictators like Hugo Chavez and the president of Iran - which lackadaisical to say the least.
His communications czar even made a comment, on tape, admiring Chavez' takeover of Venezuela's radio and TV stations.
Some say that Obama is just inexperienced and confused. I don't believe he is confused at all. I think he sees clearly what he wants. He also knows that it is not what the majority of Americans want, so he forced to dissemble.
The President is very smooth. He makes reassuring statements in public. But I suspect that when he and his crowd get together behind closed doors, the agenda is very, very different from the messages that he and his press secretary send out to you.
Are there radicals at the helm of the White House? If people can judged by their choice of friends, it certainly looks that way.


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