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Marv's retraction, as promised!

No sooner than the ink had fully dried on our last issue, my buddy Marvo sent me his usual "blistering email" calling me a liar for the headline I used on the front page, which read "up to 2 million people hit DC." I didn't bother responding then, just told him I would retract any lie that I had made, in the next issue, which I am now doing.
Marv gave me the official Obama estimates of maybe 30,000 people, and therefore I had lied to my readers, and to him. Even if I accept his numbers totally and apply them to my headline (see above) and fully consider Bill Clinton's definition of "is", I didn't lie in my headline, did I Marvo? Marvo, I am waiting. Did I lie in my headline????
Thank you Marvo for your apology. Now let us go to the body of the story which was wrapped around the photos (3 in all) which showed hundreds of thousands of citizens in our nation's capital. I did not write any of that story, which was forwarded to me by my friend Rick Taylor, of Holly Lake Ranch . I realize that he didn't write it either. The story used an estimate, allegedly from ABC news, of two million in the crowd. I did print that statement and was carefull to write my headline in such a way that Bill Clinton would be comfortable with it, even if Obama and Marvo weren't. W.C.

If you want to get a liberal Dem. mad and excited, just ask them what they think about ACORN. I made the mistake of asking my friend Marvo that question and it brought a torrent of words and key Dem. phrases about those "wascally" Republicans ect. I quickly exited the conversation and dedicated myself to bringing him this issue. I did it all for you Marvo. Enjoy!

I think it is good for the light of day to shine on ACORN and we all know that nothing would ever have happened if those two young "reporters" had not pulled their sting. What do you think? W.C.


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