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Dash of Pepper

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Alert! Health care could impact all future elections
The Gazette Staff

Most of us know that if government funded health care passes, the feds will be able to interfere in our lives in many ways.
It will open the door to dictating our behaviors, and lifestyles. To intrusion in formerly private areas, governing our choices in what we eat or drink, whether we exercise or not, and even provide entry into our financial life.
But a vote in favor of any government-funded plan, including the innocent-sounding co-operative system, will not only raise our costs in taxes under other names, it could forever impact the outcome of our elections.
Here's how it works. Radicals believe the road to revolution, to socialism, is to overload the entitlement system by getting as many people as possible on to various types of welfare plus "free" health care. This creates a huge "dependency class" which will collapse the American system. They will then be able to replace it with what they see as a more "egalitarian" system, basically a return to old-time communism.
Elections will be held, but they will always center on one issue: healthcare.
The nationalized health system would create massive dependency. The Left would "own" the issue. Conservatives would find themselves reduced to arguing that they can run the health system more "efficiently" than the Left.
But traditional conservative issues - national security and defense, lower taxes and spending restraints, plus smaller government, would simply disappear from the election campaigns. The whole shebang would revolve around health care and the Right would be forced to play on the turf belonging to the Left. This currently happens in Great Britain and, to some extent, in Canada - two countries with nationalized health care systems.
This would produce left wing (Democrat) congresses and administrations forever. But, of course, I've always maintained that the whole debate is NOT about health care. It is about grabbing and retaining massive powers.
Nationalized health care is the fundamental building block on the road to authoritarian power - the essential cornerstone for serfdom. Our national elections will be elections in name only - just another element in the grand charade that is playing out right before our eyes right now.


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